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Twitter Makes HTTPS “Always-On” An Option

Twitter has made a change on the settings page this change will provides an option to enable HTTPS by default to the user’s Twitter account.Twitter points out the using HTTPS is important for situations.

To use and activate this new setting you have to visit on twitter and get log in and go to the settings page and check the checkbox for Always use HTTPS as shown in pictured above. after doing that, you’ll get always be pushed to the https/secure version of the site.


who use the official iPad or iPhone Twitter app, HTTPS is enabled by default within the app. Also, the login page is now always secure regardless of the setting.

when you visit from a smartphone, this doesn’t yet default to HTTPS, so if you need it securing, you’ll need to manually edit this on to HTTP to force it over.

This will being worked on though and should be automated in the near future.

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