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Tips For Record,Broadcast,And Edit Your video Podcast

Hear i am going to include some technical aspects for creating a video podcast. there are quite a few tools needed to piece together a working podcast. Here are the ones we use.

Blue Yeti USB Condensor Microphone – It have to need a quality microphone. It will drastically improve the audio quality of your show. The Yeti USB mic is reasonably priced and it delivers great sound.

SkypeAll shows start with a Skype video chat. Now that Skype 5 includes the ability to have video conference calls, it’s a perfect choice for having a three-way conversation. Plus, the sheer popularity of Skype makes it easy on our guests who are already comfortable using the platform for online conversation.

Skype Call Recorder – You have to need a plugin for Skype adds functionality to let you record a Skype call. This can be useful if you’re only interested in making a recorded podcast (not broadcasting live). it comes packaged with handy utilities for splitting a conversation into individual movie files, and stripping an MP3 audio file from your movie file.


BoinxTV – BoinxTV serves as our virtual control room, it allows to You to produce a live web broadcast for our show. It allows for quick switching between cameras and screens and other visual effects like captions and transitions. – it’s time to put it up on the web and submit it to the iTunes podcast directory. Luckily, makes all of this very easy. Plus it’s got great reporting tools to check the popularity and reach of your podcast.

ScreenFlow – It is a great app for recording and editing screencasts. It’s easy to use and packs in powerful editing features.

CamTwist – This little utility allows us to route the video feed between BoinxTV and or UStream. or UStream – Both are viable options for when you want to broadcast live on the web. We feed our output from BoinxTV into one of these services to fire up the live show. We then embed the video and chat room right on our website for the audience to participate live.

Audio Hijack Pro – This fun little app is used to route the audio from Skype into BoinxTV. Be sure to check out the psychedelic sound effects you can apply in the process!

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