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Great Tool Kit For Your Android Phone (Super Box)

Android phones are Like a small computers now. Like a PC, you will need some utilities handy to keep your phone in tiptop shape.The 10 tools it features are already available within the Android operating system. What Super Box adds is convenience. The collection of phone utilities arrives all in one place.

Instead of digging through menus in your Android “Settings” section, you just tap an icon. Additionally, some of the tools in Super Box. It is easier to use than the stock Android version.

make android faster
make android faster

You’ve got:

1 Memory – Showing graphs and bar charts of memory usage for phone memory and your SD card.

2 Installer and Uninstaller – For managing your apps.

3 File Manager – For moving files around on your phone.

4 App2SD – For easily moving apps en masse from your phone memory to your SD card.

5 Taskkiller – Allows you to force quit apps that are running in the background and eating your battery.

6 Cache – Showing which apps have items stored there.

7 Battery – For battery gauge and counters for talk time, video playback, audio playback and other measures.

8 Safeguard – Showing you, all in one place, the list of capabilities your installed apps have,like being able to call numbers.

9 send text messages-check your location through GPS and so on.

10 tools is “Settings” – in plain English, unlike the icon-only “Power Bar” of Android — which shows the status of hardware features (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.), and lets you turn them on and off, all in one place.It comes free in a version supported by bright, large and annoying ads at the bottom of the screen, or for $4 in an ad-free version.

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