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How To Access Password Protected Memory Card

Every one wants to put data in a smaller devices. memory card is one of them.when you have secret data then you want to security on it. and many of time memory card users forgot the password of his memory card of his mobile phone and he have some very important data in the memory card which he want to recover, he tried almost everything then he lost hope and then asked the mobile phone company to find the way to recover the data from the memory card.

Asses password procted-mmc
Asses password procted-mmc

But you have to don’t worry about it. if you are having the same problem. then i have a solution for it and i am going to include it hear billow .

For recover the data of memory card.You need a file explorer like FExplorer which you can download from here.

How to Unlock MMC card:

1) Insert card into your phone but don’t access it through phone.
2) Run FExplorer in the mobile and Open the path C:system.
3) You will find a file called mmcstore ,rename the file mmcstore.txt
4) Copy that file(mmcstore.txt) to your pc and open that file in notepad.
5) You will find your password in that file.
6) After findeing the password you have to change or leave blank it then asses the memory card from the mobile then you will get your all data.

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