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3 Simple Tips to Increase the Security of Your Home

3 Simple Tips to Increase the Security of Your Home,For many families, home security is a major concern. The days in which front doors were happily left open or on the chain are well and truly over. Now many families worry about their vulnerable elderly relatives as news stories frequently emerge about attacks on senior citizens in their homes. This has resulted in increased security being required in homes to ensure all family members can sleep safely at night, without worrying about the possibility of an intruder.

Burglar alarms are an incredibly popular product for home security as they don’t only flag an intruder; they also deter potential burglars from trying to enter the building. In addition to burglar alarms, there are other ways to increase the security of your home.

Secure Obvious Points of Entry

Doors and windows are the most obvious point of entry (in addition to the cat flap) this means they need to be as secure as possible. Double glazing adds security to the home as well as heat efficiency. Due to the design, it makes the glass harder to smash through than a regular window. Also, modern double-glazing products generally have a double locking system, adding further security.

Avoid opening the windows on the ground floor level whilst unattended, a keen opportunist can crawl through even the smallest of open windows at incredibly fast speeds. Many modern windows now have the ability to open the window a slight amount and lock it, providing ventilation whilst still ensuring security.

Top Tips to Improve Home Security
Top Tips to Improve Home Security

Use your Garage as Added Security

So many homeowners don’t utilise their garages to their full potential. If you’re guilty of piling junk into your garage whilst your car is left out in the cold, then increase your security by utilising your garage. Not only does parking your car in the garage hide the vehicle from thieves’ sight, the garage also adds an extra barrier of security – meaning it would take the thief longer to get to the car. Also, keeping your car in the garage can prevent it from freezing over in the winter and getting scratched by other drivers and passers-by.

Mark Your Words

With so many different forms of expensive technology in the home, ranging from televisions to handheld computers, burglars know it’s more than likely there’ll be something of value in any home they intrude. Because of the sentimental and financial value of some items in the home it’s important to make a mark on your valuables to increase their likelihood of being recovered if they get stolen.

UV pens are generally used for marking valuable items, the ink is invisible in normal light so they don’t ruin the appearance of the valuable. In order to prove the signature in UV pen is actually yours, with a UV light shining on it to reveal the signature. Should your item ever get stolen you then have proof of possessing the item, along with your signature.

If you ever see something or someone suspicious in your neighbourhood you should report it to the police immediately. Strong neighbourhood communities can help to tackle crime problems within the area, increasing the safety of the neighbourhood.

Written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of Gray and Co who are criminal defence solicitors

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