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Find out a solution for bulk DVD duplication

DVDs and CDs are the most common data storage devices. They are easily available and inexpensive compared to traditional data storage devices. The process of DVD duplication has become popular ever since the uses of DVDs have spread widely. The content inside a DVD remains intact if it used in a proper manner.

DVDs are not only the best medium for data storage but they are the most suitable devices for the duplication processes. DVD duplication is a process where data is transferred to blank DVDs from master a disc. In the duplication process, data is extracted by duplicator software and written on an empty DVD.

You will find this duplication process easy if you have a computer with DVD writer at home. However, if you require multiple copies of this storage device for your music album or any other entertainment projects, you need to get them duplicated by a professional. This is important because a separate set up and a special tray are required to copy multiple copies of discs.

How the duplication process is performed

  • In order to duplicate bulk discs, a master DVD is required from which the data will be transferred to the duplicated DVDs. Duplication of DVDs is not possible without the availability of a master DVD.


  • In the next step, the data needs to be extracted. DVD duplication device will extract the information and writes it on the blank DVDs. The transferable data remains the same as the master DVD.


  • The duplication process is accelerated by a linkage process, where the many towers are interconnected to each other. These towers help finish the duplication work quickly.


  • After the process is done, it is verified if all the contents have been transferred properly.

The benefits of DVD duplication

This is the quickest and cheapest form of duplication.

It only takes three days to copy as many as five hundred copies of DVDs. On the other hand, color print is also available for DVD that comes without any charges.

When you need bulk DVDs for your project, you need to consider the type of packaging. This is important because packaging helps get attention of the customers. Therefore, the quality of packaging is important which determines the success of your project.



Types of DVD packaging

Jewel case

The jewel case offers a high quality packaging option. It contains a transparent plastic with a slot to hold a book or artwork. The back of the jewel case is transparent and it is designed to hold a paper artwork. It also has a tray to hold discs. You can find out many types of jewel cases to contain multiple DVDs.


It is equal to the jewel cases. It has more plastic trays to contain more than one DVDs. This type of case has many panels that allow adding more graphic display to the packaging. This is resistant to wear and offers you a good durability.

You can choose sleeves, folding paper cases and unique packaging for DVD packaging. While you are opting for duplication service, always consider the packaging solutions.

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