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Warner Bros Movie Rentals Coming Soon on Facebook


Facebook will soon become a place where you can rent Warner Bros movies online. The first of Movie will be The Dark Knight when the services comes live. You will able to get movies online.

you need to do is visit the official Facebook page of Warner Bros to get the movies. and select the movie withch you want to buy and click to apply Facebook credits. The cost will be $3 which is the equivalent of 30 credits.

When the transaction goes through, you are allowed to watch the movie for 48 hours before it becomes unavailable gain. Several options will be made available in that users can choose to watch the video full screen or watch it smaller while still browsing around Facebook. Also, the movies can be paused/resumed at any time within the rental period.

Due to the amount of Facebook subscribers and the popularity of the service, Warner Bros. expects that rentals will go well for them. So Now you can enjoy to purchase the movies online for better entertanmant. i hope you will like this online service of facebook…

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