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Skype Launches a Dedicated Network for Teachers

Teachers already use Skype to connect with other classrooms around the globe,The company launched Skype in the Classroom, a dedicated teacher network, on Tuesday. teachers can create profiles that describe their classes and teaching interests from useing this service. from useing that they will also able to search a directory of teachers from all over the world by student age range, language and subject.

Skype online classroom & teachers
Skype online classroom & teachers

4,000 teachers have signed up in last december . Many of them have used the network to coordinate Skype projects with other schools. Teacher Kara Lornejo, for instance, used the directory to find five partner classes for a “weather around the world.We use Skype all the time in my classroom…I always had to find teachers over Twitter or some other resources” unit she was coordinating for her fifth grade class in Missouri.

A “project” tab in the new version of Skype in the Classroom allows users to post and search for projects that, like Lorenjo’s weather project, require collaboration. A map that shows teachers by location is also a new addition to the site.

Accommodating teachers is a natural move for Skype. Several independent sites have already established Skype teacher phone books, class collaboration directories and virtual language exchange programs to accommodate the growing number of educators who are using the videoconferencing platform as a learning tool.

According to the Skype spokesperson Jacqueline Botterill. “There are a number of online platforms that were trying to galvanize those communities, but they’re quite fragmented and disparate, so we’re trying to create one place where teachers can come together.”

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