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BlackBerry PlayBook to Support Android Apps

PlayBook is an amazing tablet. we have embedded creates one of the most compelling app experiences available in a mobile computing device today,”According to the Mike Lazaridis,President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “The upcoming addition of BlackBerry Java and Android apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook on BlackBerry App World will provide our users with an even greater choice of apps and will also showcase the versatility of the platform.”

Apps wont work out of the box, but instead will require that developers on the Android platform port those apps over. this has been described as being easy and relatively quick as the API on QNX has a high degree of compatibility with Android.


It appears that only Android 2.3 apps will work, and there is no mention of 3.0 Honeycomb being ported over just yet. We suspect that RIM will want this to happen as Android apps designed for a tablet would be better on the PlayBook, rather than an upscaled phone sized app.It is launching on April 19 in the US and Canada.

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