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Best Chat App For Android (Kik Messenger)

You can text, tweet, use Facebook or a host of other instant-messaging services from Kik Messenger.It’s a good communication tool whether it’s right for you will depend on what your friends circle of contacts use.

For use this app,You have to install the app, and quickly create an account, and then the app searches your contacts to determine if you already know others using Kik Messenger. The service claims to have more than three million users across iOS and Android.


You can chat with individuals or quickly start a group conversation. From useing this serviceYou can also send pictures, add emoticons, or use your Android’s voice recognition. You can speak your message, and watch it be transcribed for you.

it is free to use,You don’t  have to pay any fee for this app, no ads, nothing. if you’re a frequent message-sender, and you haven’t already aligned yourself with another service, you might want to give Kik Messenger a try. The company seems focused on listening to feedback, growing the user base, and adding features, so it’s worth keeping your eye on it.

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1 thought on “Best Chat App For Android (Kik Messenger)”

  1. Check ReChat (Android chat):
    – Facebook, Yahoo!®, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP;
    – group chat (Yahoo!®, Google Talk, XMPP);
    – free SMS worldwide BETA (with replies for USA/Canada);
    – plain/bubble view, font packs, send image/video;

    Facebook features: upload image/video, send image/video, send message (as private event or wall post).
    Yahoo!® features: conferences (create/invite), add/remove contacts.
    Google Talk features: group chat, new email notification, unread emails w/o content.
    Jabber/XMPP features: rooms (create/invite), add/remove contacts.

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