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An Australian Man jailed for defacing kids’Facebooks

An Australian man was jailed for a year for defacing online tributes to two dead children with child pornography and offensive comments.Bradley Paul Hampson vandalised the Facebook pages dedicated to two Queensland children who died in February of them is a 12year old boy who was stabbed in the schoolyard and second one is 8 year old girl found dead in a drain.

mostly to express shock and offer their condolences, on which Hampson posted digitally altered images of the children and offensive messages,More than 9,000 people had joined the Facebook pages.Prosecutors said that among Hampson’s posts were photographs of the dead girl and the message “Had It Coming”.


According to the Courier Mail “he pleaded guilty on Friday to distributing child exploitation material and possessing child exploitation material, and using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence”.he was arrested after police searched his Brisbane home last June, seizing computer equipment containing altered images of the dead children.

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