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Nokia has released the Nokia Updater for Mac

Nokia has released the Nokia Updater for Mac.It allows to Nokia users to get the latest updates for smartphones. This time software was only available on Windows.

It’s important to note here that the new version for Mac is still a beta version. an dnow it’s on testing.This time we don’t have a full works on the Mac and to successfully run the update you need to make sure you don’t unplug the phone mid update.


No problems have yet been reported in the comments of the blog post, and we might not see any as the process seems to be simple enough.

You can download Software from betalabs and install now. It isn’t known at this time when a full and final version will be released, but if you do install it, Nokia is looking for feedback of any problems you might run in to. we will back soon we the more details of this software…

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