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Google’s ‘Secret’ Group Texting App for iPhone (Disco Messenger)

Google has joins growing number of companies to offering group chat capabilities from via text messaging on smartphones with the release of Disco Messenger. This app only available for the iPhone.

Disco Messenger is a group texting service that’s also available on the Web. you can Sign-up and you’re assigned a new phone number, then invited to go on a SMS rampage, texting bunches of people anybody at all,whether they’re on the Disco service or not.


Disco uses your iPhone’s text message plan, so if you intend to Disco ’til you drop, be sure you have a supportive carrier plan. For $20 a month you can get unlimited texts with AT&T or 5000 texts with Verizon.

Joining the ranks of GroupMe, Beluga, Fast Society, Kik, and (too) many more, Disco is a simple service that puts Google in the hottest new trend for app developers. It’s beyond likely that Disco will make it to Android and even integrate with Google Voice.

It is Disco too simple to compete with the advanced features other group messaging companies are implementing? Also keep in mind that Facebook just acquired Beluga, which is a group messaging company, so expect to see Facebook chats netting a wider chunk of the chatty ocean.

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