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Fresh Android Apps of The Month, Clip Reader,Phone Number Spy,CardBank

Hi readers today i am hear with the  fresh Android apps for the month of march, you can use this apps free of cost without any investment you can find them billow . so enjoy the free apps…

Clip Reader (Free)

It reads stuff aloud to you. Copy text to your Android’s clipboard, use the app’s file manager to open a doc (PDF, Text, or HTML), or point the app to a website.Now Stop looking at your phone, particularly if you’re driving.You can Play or pause with one eyes-free tap to the center of your phone’s screen or adjust the speed of reading up and down with a slider control. Use your driving or walking time to catch up on your reading.

Fresh Android Apps of The Month
Fresh Android Apps of The Month

Phone Number Spy – Version 2 (Free)

This apps is also free . If Telemarketers have found your mobile phone No and disturbing you again and again for offers. You’ll know them by their blocked caller id.

This app claims to trace them back to the source – just like a B Movie call tracing scene. It uses telemarketing databases and will alert you if the call you are receiving comes from a known telemarketing business. The app even shows you from where on a map the call may have originated.

CardBank (Free)

CardBank will capture all your cards onto your Android so that you carry them around with you wherever you go. Quickly customize cards from any maker on your phone. When the retailer goes to scan the card, they can use a hand-held scanner to read the bar code off of your Android’s screen.

SO enjoy this article and comment us with suggession…

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