Diffrence Between 3G Mobile Boradband And Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a technology used to connect mainly laptops and some mobiles within small areas (typically a few hundred metres max). 3G has a much broader coverage and works also with a broader range of mobile devices. With a Mobile Broadband dongle, you will connected to the internet everywhere there is Reliance 3G coverage (speed varies according to your area, just like Wi-Fi).


If you travel regularly and pay often for hotel internet, if you are a student and need to do your papers on campus, if you need to work a few hours more and would prefer to do that from home, if you don’t have a landline but would like to be connected to the internet, then this is the best option for you.

You can do very fast data transfers, make video calls, get video and music streaming, watch live TV, check mail, send instant messages, and fulfill all your internet tasks.

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