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How To Keep your accounts from getting hacked

We know that the sony is faceing a hacking Problem form long time . Hear we are includeing How To Keep your accounts from getting hacked.You may not use Sony’s PlayStation Network or Qriocity music services. But they both got hacked earlier this year.

Which goes to show that your accounts are not always safe On big-name websites. That means we could have your login name and password without your realizing it. And if you use the same name and password on a hacked site that you do everywhere else.


The best way to keep this from happening is to make sure that you use a different login name and/or password on each website. But if a site that you frequent has already been hacked, you can visit the aptly-named to find out if your data got stolen. Enter your login name, and it’ll tell you if there are any known security breaches involving it. If so, then yes, you should change your password.

Don’t worry, the site has been vetted. It’s not a phishing scam. it doesn’t even ask for your password, just your user name.

How To Keep Your Data Safe

You have to Use Free backup apps, like Apple’s Time Machine and Ubuntu’s Deja Dup, come with most PCs and Macs. But what if you want to get to your files on another computer, or make sure you still have them if your house burns down or your computer gets stolen?

You can use free online backup services. lets you store up to 5 GBs worth of small files. Amazon Cloud Drive gives you the same amount of space for files of any size, and any songs you buy from their MP3 store are automatically put into it. Meanwhile, the major computer and OS makers all have their own services. Apple has iCloud, Canonical has Ubuntu One, and Microsoft runs Windows Live Skydrive, which gives up to 25 GBs of space. You can use this and get your data safe…

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