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Samsung Galaxy Pro Tech Specs and Review

Samsung-Galaxy pro
Samsung-Galaxy pro

There is a good news for a Samsung smartphone users the new Samsung Galaxy Pro smartphone that will soon be launching.

For technical specs it has a 2.8 inch screen which is capacitive touch. The screen takes up about half of the screen unlike the regular Samsung Galaxy which covers the whole front panel. This is of course, because of the QWERTY keyboard that takes up the bottom side of the device.The processor runs at 800MHz. The camera on the back can capture images at 3 megapixels.

Samsung Galaxy Pro is based on Google Android 2.2 operating system. which also brings full access to the Android Market allowing more apps to be downloaded as and when needed.

It allows you to use it as a personal wireless hotspot. The Three network appear to be allowing users to use this service for free if they are on the One Plan.

It’s a fairly standard Android smartphone that has a nice screen. For those who prefer a QWERTY over a touchscreen, it could be an option for you. Just note that you do get a smaller screen, but as the keyboard is on the front and not a landscape slider, you also save on the depth of the phone.





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