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Nokia C2-05 and Nokia X2-05 Announced

Nokia has announced two new phones Nokia C2-05 and Nokia X2-05 , both of which Nokia tells us that are designed to give you more for less.

Nokia C2-05  is a slider phone. It is designed for those who want access to social networks and comes supplied with a new Nokia Browser as well as the Nokia Store. The new browser works to compress web pages so that they load quicker and use less data to get to you. The Nokia Store lets you browse through various apps and games to download those you want. As the device is designed for those who want access to social networks, both Facebook and Twitter have been integrated in to the device.

The technical specs of the Nokia C2-05 has a


VGA camera on the back. It can play both MP3 and MP4 files and also has an FM radio built in allowing users to listen to the radio.

The  C2-05 screen measures 2 inches and is in a QVGA format which means the resolution is 320 x 240 pixels. The device is a dual-band phone which works on GSM networks. Four hours of talk time and up to 20 days of standby time is possible with this handset.

The price of the Nokia C2-05 will be 50 Euros before tax and subsides making it quite a cheap option and obviously free when added to a contract.

The Nokia X2-05 which takes the form of a candy-bar device. With it falling in to the X series of Nokia phones it is more geared towards music and media. This particular model also includes the Nokia Browser and Store as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Nokia X2-05
Nokia X2-05

It can play both MP3 and MP4 formats through either the built in loud speaker or through the provided headphones.

The speaker operates at 106phons – you’ll recall that phons are a measure of perceived loudness and that 106 of them are enough to entertain the whole room.

This device has a larger 2.2 inch screen also in the QVGA format with 320×240 pixels. It is also a dual-band GSM device and has up to 32GB of storage through a microSD card. The battery is a little better than the model above and provides 25 days of standby although talk time is still rated at 4 hours.

This model is the cheaper of the two and will be priced at 46 Euros when it launches some time before Christmas.

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