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Archos reveals upcoming Gen 9 tablets

Archos has been in the portable media player game for just about the same amount of time as Apple, boasting touchscreen interfaces and tablet-like features in its devices well before the iPhone was even announced.

Archos is looking to step up the competition with the release of its Gen 9 tablets later this year. German tech site tabletblog.de previously reported (via Engadget) that the company would unveil high-end 7- and 10-inch tablets at September’s IFA trade show in Germany.


For the spec of the, the tablet will contain a powerful 1.6GHz ARM A9 dual-core CPU and up to either a 250GB HDD or 32GB SSD (solid-state drive, more durable), it will be comparably priced. The device will also sport a patent-pending “disruptive 3G modem” as well as an Android Honeycomb operating system from Google.

We’ll have to wait for June for the full details from Archos, the company will be shooting for a price tag that tops out at around €400 (roughly $566). With the 3G modem included.

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