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Legal Transcription- The Language And The Job

Little question, one of many issues that make authorized language hardest to grasp is its unusual words and terms. Some authorized phrases equivalent to-decide, court, interrogation etc. are comparatively well-known, the place as others are full thriller to non-professionals. Some legal writings are inclined to include very long sentences, typically tons of of phrases in length. This makes the transcription job harder. Below are some tips and hints of the authorized terms encountered in legal transcription and easy methods to transcribe a document successfully.

Some troublesome legal phrases and terms

. With out figuring out these, transcribing authorized documents can be virtually impossible.
1. Arbitration-A way of different dispute decision during which the disputing events agrees to abide by the decision of an arbitrator.
2. Assignment-The switch of authorized rights, from one person to another.
3. Bankruptcy-This is a process governed by the federal law to assist individuals, once they can’t or is not going to pay their bills.
4. Bifurcation-Splitting a trial into two parts: a legal responsibility phase and a penalty phase.
5. Certiorari- It refers to the order of a court so that it may assessment the decision and proceedings in the lower court.
6. Deed-A written legal document that describes a chunk of property and outlines its boundaries.
7. Defamation-The publication of the assertion that injures an individual’s reputation.
8. Deposition-It is a process in which a witness testifies underneath oath, earlier than trial.
9. Escrow-The deed of a property can be in escrow( in pending), till the completion of the real estate transaction.
10. Foreclosures-When a borrower can’t repay a loan and the lender seeks to promote the property.
11. Immunity-Exemption from a legal obligation or penalty.
12. Implied warranty-A assure imposed by legislation in a sale.
13. Intestate-To die with out a will.
14. Plaintiff-The one who initiates a lawsuit.
15. Pro se-A person who represents himself in court alone with out the assistance of the lawyer.
16. Quash-To nullify or declare invalid.
17. Slander-Defamatory oral statements and gestures
18. Subpoena-An order compelling an individual to appear in courtroom or produce documents.
19.Suvoir Dire-Means communicate the truth.

Tricks to turn out to be an excellent authorized transcriptionist
Under are certain guidelines you need to maintain in your thoughts to turn into a superb authorized transcriptionist.
1. Take heed to a legal phrase or group of significant phrases fastidiously again and again earlier than transcribe, till you aren’t sure.
2. Understand each legal testimony correctly and use them appropriately.
3. Analyse what’s being dictated, hear dictator’s voice, and comply with it as a guide.
4. A 1-hour tape will take not less than 3 to four hours, relying on your speed. Maintain a very good speed throughout, in an effort to finish it in time.
5. Overview document for a second time and improve it by studying rules.
6. Use information discovered within the appendix, prefix, suffix sections of authorized reference texts, every time necessary.
7. Edit the ultimate copy, which must be free of spelling, punctuation, grammar or any other errors.
8. Proofread the transcript with 100% accuracy.

Authorized transcription includes the conversion of audio recordsdata into typed transcripts. Modern-day legal transcription expertise has gone digital and is highly effective.

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