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Firefox 4 Downloaded 5 Million Times in the First 24 Hours

Mozilla launched Firefox 4 yesterday and within the first 24 hours of launch, over 5 million downloads had been clocked. The number now stands at about 5.4 million.

Currently, the counter shows 5,755,000 downloads, most of which originated from Europe (2.5 million), followed by North America (1.6 million) and Asia (1 million).


When we compare this to the likes of Internet Explorer 9 that Microsoft launched last week, it actually doubles the amount that the company had recorded. Within the first 24 hours, IE9 was downloaded 2.35 million times which in fairness, isn’t a bad number at all considering how IE has been declining over the last few years.

The final version of Firefox 4 brings full CSS3 and HTML5 support, a redesigned UI, App Tabs, syncing accross multiple devices and Panorama, a feature that lets you organize tabs into groups using a drag and drop interface.

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