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Drawbacks of Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 will be officially available today, On March 14. there is virtually no chance that Internet Explorer 9 will be as successful as IE8.

Internet Explorer 9 is a solid Web browser. It has been very successful and received much critical acclaim during its beta testing phase. Its hardware accelerated graphics yield blazing fast results, and the new features and functions in IE9 make the Web a more integrated part of the Windows PC experience.


Internet Explorer has always had a slight handicap when it comes to browser market share. While browsers like Firefox and Chrome are available for Mac OS X and Linux systems as well as Windows,The main drawback is that the Internet Explorer is only compatible with Windows. So, right off the bat, there is 10 percent or so of the market that Microsoft will never get.

IE9 has painted itself into an even smaller corner. While its predecessors are limited to the Windows operating system as a whole, IE9 is only compatible with Windows Vista (SP2 or greater), and Windows 7. Based on current OS market numbers, Windows XP still has more than half of the market, and the entire combined share of Windows 7 and Windows Vista PCs is less than the 35 percent share that IE8 has now.

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