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Google Chrome 10 released, faster and with new settings

Google Chrome 10 beta
Google Chrome 10 beta

Google has recently released the Google chrome 10. The newest upgrade includes a faster Crankshaft JavaScript engine and an overhauled settings.

In new features Google Chrome 10 already has Adobe’s Flash Player built in, but Chrome 10 also puts Flash in a protective sandbox to confine security problems to a walled-off area of memory. and in the security department are 23 security fixes discovered through Google’s Chrome bounty program and ranging in severity from low to high.programmers are now using it to write full-featured Web applications such as Gmail and Google Docs, not just Web pages, and faster JavaScript enables more features and a faster interface.

One seemingly minor but actually pretty useful change in Chrome 10 is a revamped configuration system. Instead of a pop-up dialog box that must be dealt with then closed, the new settings show in a browser tab.

It provides an easier interface to navigate through and you can also access it through a page link just like the downloads page. To better explain these.

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