Eye-Fi card makes cameras talk to phones

Eye-Fi Inc makes an SD memory card that fits most cameras. Through a nifty bit of engineering, it can send images directly to smartphones and tablet computers as they are shot.

benefits of a standalone camera  is great zoom, strong flash, high-resolution sensor,trump the smartphone ,and the ability to post photos right away. It works with videos, too.

The Eye-Fi is designed to send photos to iPhones, iPads and devices that use Google Inc.’s Android software. Working with an iPhone and iPad proved cumbersome and unreliable. The process was much easier on an Android phone or tablet, but I still had glitches.

It starts at $50, works like a miniature Wi-Fi router, producing a “hot spot” that stretches about 10 feet around the camera. The phone or tablet then latches on to that hot spot, and the free Eye-Fi application starts pulling over the photos.


The Eye-Fi has been on sale for a few years — it’s just the Direct Mode that’s new. In the original mode of operation, rather than create a hot spot, the cards connect to an existing one, such as your home Wi-Fi router. It then transfers the images to a website or a folder on your computer. But the camera doesn’t give you a clue whether this is happening or not.

Owners of iPhones and iPads will be better served by Apple’s Camera Connection Kit, which costs $29. It’s simply a memory-card reader that attaches to the USB port, so there’s no need to fiddle with a camera that has no idea it’s been kicked into the future and is now a wireless device.

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