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Developers rage after Facebook blocks Google AdSense service


Facebook has make a official announcement last week.list of acceptable ad providers that developers can use to make money with their Facebook applications. Notably through Google’s AdSense service.

Google and Amazon apparently didn’t make the list because they refused to sign on the dotted line of Facebook’s new and arguably restrictive terms of service for ad providers.

The list isn’t finalized yet so it’s entirely possibly Google and Amazon will sign on. But given the recent spats between Google and Facebook over sharing user data as they fight to grab the most user eyeballs, it’s tough to predict who is going to blink first.

Developers are expressing outrage that they’re no longer permitted to use AdSense and Amazon. “I hope you don’t expect us to put our money into small startups from the approved list, simply because they are unable to supply enough inventory or haven’t earned their reputation yet,” wrote developer Anatoly Lubarsky on the Facebook Developers forum. “Regarding larger companies on the list: Most of them have a very bad track record.”

One of the commenter on facebook said that the “Now that Google has been axed, we have to find an alternative. If the alternatives don’t pay as well, then developers will get discouraged from developing on Facebook,” You can find that user of facebook it’s username is vincenz2004.

Whether Google or Amazon will bow to Facebook’s terms remains to be seen. Developers are going to struggle in the short term as they’re forced to acclimate to a different provider, though the standoff could give other ad providers out there a chance to shine.

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