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Windows 8 transformation pack will Include Robust USB 3.0 Support

According to Microsoft , Windows 8 will include robust USB 3.0 support when the New Operating System launches. To get the support as robust as possible, Microsoft has written a new software stack.Windows 8 transformation pack will Include Robust USB 3.0 Support.


“Don’t jump in. Instead, meticulously design a new USB software stack for the new controller while maintaining existing interfaces and behaviors, ensuring every device and driver will work. For older controllers, we retained our existing software stack.”

All devices work when they are plugged in. This includes low, full, high as well as SuperSpeed devices. To test this they used a USB thumb drive test tool that put 1000 different USB devices on to the same device.

We have included the video below gives a demonstration of the tool being tested along with the results of how it performs when compared to USB 2.0.You can take a look hear how quick USB 3.0 works when compared to the older versions. A 2GB set of files took seconds rather than minutes thanks to the capabilities of transferring up to 5Gbits/second. Notice that the transfer speed shows as MB per second just incase it looks like it’s far slower.

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