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Preview Of Upcoming Operating System Window 8

Window 8 is the new Upcomeing operating system of microsoft. Hear we are going to include leaked information about it.Hear is the big Question is what is different in window 8 in comparison to previous version of Windows OS.As we heard lots of news about Window 8 Official,unofficial Wallpaper to Window 8 User Interface.

Hear billow we have included video of windows 8 new feature you can see it billow.So first Of all let we have look at video which is showing the neat ,clean concept of window 8 which i search on youtube while searching stuff related to window 8 is shown below:

Features Of Windows 8

It will support the purchase of goods and services directly within applications .
You can install applications trial and then decide whether to switch to full version .
Users can rate and review applications. Each comment will be reviewed in turn by other users.
Users can send reports of problems to application developers.
It will obviously look for possible applications and filter the results by price or category.


For each application will be available on:


  • Minimum System Requirements
  • End User License
  • Feature requests (Webcam, GPS …)
  • Category and Description
  • Application functionality
  • Rating the content
  • Screenshot
  • Link to support forum
  • Types of supported architectures (x86, x64, ARM, or neutral)
  • List of enhancements in the latest versions ( change log )

we have Get little idea about how window 8 is going to look like and this is totally a different Experience then other Window OS which is used till after watching this video.So we can just wait for release of window 8 so that we can know about truth of window 8.

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