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I will admit that in the past using emails and cell phones seem to be the most advanced method of communication. The idea that I could use an iPhone and do pictures that could be sent to anyone even staggered my imagination more. Today the use of Twitter to talk to just about everyone in the world has become the leading concept in communication.

It is true Twitter has become the new way of life not just for famous people, politicians, dictators are using the average “Joe” but it, and rock stars. This really illuminates my life to think that you can start a thread or join a thread and be speaking to someone like Bill Clinton or Bon Jovi. What will the internet come up with next? You can become a part of CNN newsroom or join in with your own local news people to share your opinion.



Twitter has become a good means to earn an income. You can use Twitter to start a thread about a product or service that you are selling putting in your own embedded links so that your followers will come back to your website. That is amazing because you are now doing internet marketing free.

Twitter can be a fun thing because you can talk to your friends or make new friends and share what is going on in your life. Who would have ever thought that everybody would love to Twitter? It makes you wonder what will they think of next but oh well, guess I will just keep right on Twittering!

When you want to earn money by reviewing some of the famous people all you need to do is let it be known on Twitter and soon you will get a response from people and companies that want you to review them. You can earn a good income just by doing reviews of people, products, or services on Twitter.

Many people like using Twitter and it has become just another new way of life that everyone can enjoy. Using Twitter to keep up with your friends and family is just one aspect of Twitter. You can follow the threads of athletes, stars, famous people and voice your opinion. You might want to follow the political arena on Twitter. I understand the “Tea Party” people Twitter all the time. Now you can find out where Sarah Palin is before she even knows that she is supposed to be there. I wonder if they will let the astronauts Twitter from outer space.

Twitter is not only used to have fun but you can make money when you get good at doing social marketing with Twitter. There are many aspects of Twitter that you might want to pursue. There is no time like today to get started using Twitter for fun and to follow someone special. A Twitter account is free and you can start your own group or join one of the many millions that are online.

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