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Tips to Improve Your HDTV Energy Efficiency

Tips for Long HDTV Life & Energy Conservation

There are several simple Tips from useing that you can take to help prolong the life of your HDTV, while saving a good deal of energy in the long-run.

* It’s that little ‘scribbled star’ logo that you’ve probably seen on cardboard boxes Energy Star is a guideline imposed by the EPA and the Department of Energy to regulate energy saving measures for consumer electronics. What it means for you? Energy Star approved products simply use less energy and are more cost-efficient, yet, suffer no performance losses.

* Turn your HDTV off when you’re not using it. Sounds ridiculous, but if you’re away from your TV for 15 minutes or more, you might as well turn it off, and help prolong the HDTV’s life while avoiding screen burnout through the years.

* there is nothing wrong with watching TV in the dark, it won’t spoil your eyesight! By keeping the lights down low, your HDTV’s ambiance will be more sufficient, and you’ll be less included to turn up its brightness (which uses power). Also, note that by using less light in the room, that will reduce power throughout the year, too.


* keep the HDTV backlight low to reduce its energy consumption. Its image quality will actually improve at lower levels, anyway! HDTVs that are overly bright tend to saturate their picture with white light. Tone it down to bring out the shadow and definitions of the picture. White light uses the most power; black uses the least.

* If your household has more than one HDTV, make it a home policy that only one TV is on at a time, when possible. Watch TV together, and save energy together.

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