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Increase power plan to maximum performance In Windows 7

Increase power plan to maximum performance In Windows 7

Windows 7
Windows 7

Hear You are going to learn how you got better performance in windows 7 operating can just analies it self to get the beater performance.To increase power plan to maximum performance you just have to click on the control panel and open power options. On the clicking on it You will get the arrow of Show Additional Plans and simply activate High Performance plan. then you have to go on Next step you have to go to the advanced power settings, then to the Hard disk and then to Turn Off hard disk after which you should set ‘never’, which will enable the GC to do the job while logged off. You may also reduce the time required for Windows 7 to boot up.

Just follow the following steps to ensure that You just have to go in the run option from the main menu and type msconfig and press enter.

From this Command You will be able to open the System Configuration window (like in earlier Windows). Now click on the Boot there and then you will see a box labeled Time Out. This gives the time the system waits for the user to select his or her choice of the Operating system.

You have to select the No GuI Boot option so that the logo at Windows 7 boot-up gets turned off. Just Apply and click Ok and voil?, you’re done!.

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