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How To unlock Nokia Booklet 3G

Do You want to unlock Your Nokia Booklet 3G ?

Hear i am going to submit How To unlock Nokia Booklet 3G ?. The code to unlock Nokia Booklet 3G receive by entering the IMEI number. IMEI number You can get by typing *#06# or after removing the battery. You will Get IMEI No.

For unlock Nokia we need to know IMEI number and network that phone is currently working.
Giving correct network name and country of origin is very important. By choosing wrong network You risk receiving wrong unlock code.

unlock Nokia Booklet 3G
unlock Nokia Booklet 3G

How to enter code in Nokia Booklet 3G ?

Code #pw+123456789012345+1# type in the following way:
1. Turn on the phone without sim card
2. select character # on the keypad
3. characters p, w, + get by choosing few times *
4. Press # button to approve code
5. message “SIM restriction OFF” appear, Your phone is unlocked

You only have 3 attempts at entering the code. The last failed attempt to block the counter.

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