How to to Transfer Video From Google Video to YouTube

According to the google’s notification Google Video was shutting down with no videos viewable after April 29, and giving users until May 13 to download them before they would be removed, Google’s backed away from that.

Google couldn’t create a quick way to transfer videos from Google Video to another of its video services, YouTube..

Google says it’s “working to automatically migrate your Google Videos to YouTube.” In the meantime, Google’s added an “Upload Videos to YouTube” option, making it easy to send videos from a Google Video account to an associated YouTube account.

google video to youtube

google video to youtube

You have to go On youtube select “Upload Videos to YouTube” option on the Google Video status page. you’ll need to have a YouTube account associated with your Google Video account (you can create one here). Before doing this you should read YouTube’s Terms of Use and Copyright Policies. If you choose this option, we’ll do our best to ensure your existing Google Video links continue to function.

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