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How to repair your iPhone

If your iPhone is out of warranty and You want to getting it fixed at the Genius Bar in an Apple Store can cost $100-$200. And you can buy kits online for as little as $12 to fix it yourself, but Worley warns that you might further damage your iPhone, as joining the tiny connection in the capacitive screen to the phone’s innards is very challenging.

We now have the ability to fix our iPhone in the comfort of our own home, and swiftly. This may sound like an impossible task to many, but I will provide information that will enable those of us who are not as technical minded as we would like to still be capable of a DIY repair. Providing we select the right online store to buy our spares, accessories and replacement parts we will also find a great amount of resources to ensure we have the required knowledge for the repair with tips, advice and step by step guides to help us through the fixing of the iPhone.

Your best bet is to try a professional online iPhone repair service, like iFix Direct or Repair Labs. Their services tend to be cheaper, and they offer free or cheap ($0.99) diagnostics, to let you know what’s wrong with your iPhone and how much it will cost to fix. If you change your mind or don’t want their services, they’ll send your iPhone right back. The standard cost for iPhone and Android phone screen repairs is $60.

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