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HOW TO Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Profile

HOW TO Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn have 90 million users this time, It is one of the social media titans For business professionals, It is essential tool for staying connected to their business network.

LinkedIn quietly introduced an upgrade to LinkedIn Companies that makes it both a critical and powerful tool for managing your company’s digital presence.

The Basics

The basic features have not changed since previous iterations of LinkedIn Companies. On it You can upload a logo, add a discruption of your business, list contacts and attach their profiles.

LinkedIn also automatically displays the profiles of employees and new hires. This can be a great tool for business development pros.

Products & Services

LinkedIn Companies is the addition of the Products & Services tab. Your company can list each of its products or services, upload a 100 x 80 pixel icon and description of each, and create a bullet list of attributes. Pretty standard, right?

This is where we begin to have fun and start to build a really powerful marketing tool. The first thing you’ll notice when you visit a souped-up page is the “carousel.” Through a simple admin tool, Users can upload three whopping 640 x 220 banners (JPEG, GIF or PNG, no Flash).

YouTube Videos

You can now also embed Your YouTube video on the Overview page and each of the individual Products & Services pages you create. You can use a different video on every page and embedding them is as simple as copying and pasting a URL from YouTube.


The most important new feature is the ability to solicit recommendations from your customers for each of your products or services. This works just like the Recommendations feature does on an individual LinkedIn profile.

This will soon become a vital reference checkpoint that people use before doing business with your company. According to Forrester Research (in Groundswell), 83% of us say we are at least somewhat influenced by word-of-mouth.

Offers and Campaigns

Each product or service also has a placeholder for a unique offer associated with it. For example, you can easily create an offer for a free white paper or a free coupon for your tasty and delicious consumer packaged good.

Once you’ve got your products and services all set up, you can create targeted Campaigns to drive traffic to your profile.


LinkedIn has some nice charts that It allows you to view your performance in terms of page views, visitors, clicks on various types of content visits by industry and followers.

What I really like is that LinkedIn compares your performance in each of these categories with similar companies, so you have a contextually relevant benchmark.

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