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How To Move Your Wi-Fi Router To Get Better Overage

you just need to make your Wi-Fi reach an extra couple of meters. there is an easy way of doing that. The higher you put your Wi-Fi router, the wider its reach will extend. Try putting it on top of a shelf if you can.

You can try the second floor of your house, but it’s often shielded by structural components. Plus, there aren’t always ethernet jacks on the 2nd floor, but if it’s easy to try then give it a shot! You’ll also want to keep it away from walls and metal objects, and machines that use radiation (like microwaves and cordless phones).

Microsoft’s website has a few more suggestions for improving your wi-fi coverage, like instructions for changing the channel your router broadcasts on. This can help if your neighbor’s Wi-Fi router is broadcasting on the same channel as yours.

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