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How To Lock OR Hide Your Hard Disk Drives

From this tips you can Lock OR Hide Your Hard Disk Drives.This trick works with almost all latest versions of Windows OS’s.

· Go to Start->Run->cmd and press Enter.

· Now Type mountvol in cmd and press enter.

· Now you can see all the drives in your system with the corresponding ID’s.

Now suppose you want to hide your E: drive, note down the volume id for that drive. In my case for E: drive the volume id is \\?\Volume{96c924d1-7f19-11de-808a-806e6f6e6090}\.

How To Lock OR Hide Your Hard Disk Drives
How To Lock OR Hide Your Hard Disk Drives

This step is very important. If you don’t note down your volume id you will not be able to get your partition back.
· Now the final step to hide your drive. Type mountvol E: /d to hide the E: drive.

· To get your hidden drive back type mountvol g: [volume id]. For me it is \\?\Volume{96c924d1-7f19-11de-808a-806e6f6e6963}\. SO it will look something like mountvol E: \\?\Volume{96c924d1-7f19-11de-808a-806e6f6e6963}\

Be careful To perform this trick. I am not responsible for any kind of Data loss.Tack a drive backup before useing this tips.

Never try to hide your Main Drive(Where the OS is loaded). You may screwup your PC. So use it wisely.

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