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How to Find Perfect Domain Name? Try Panabee

Panabee is a simple and useful tool for finding great domain names.Panabee, on the other hand, will show you quite a few interesting variations around your preferred URL or keyword. Better still, it can show you the URLs of your competitors for that keyword.

Panabee can also show users related terms, web search results and social media postings containing the given keyword or keywords, just to give you a little extra inspiration.

Some registrars such as GoDaddy will suggest new domain names if the one you want isn’t available, but you have to admit, a .biz or .info top-level domain (TLD) isn’t the best choice for any business or personal URL.


If you take the more common startup keyword “social,” for example ,you might have a difficult time finding any URLs containing that word. Panabee, however, shows us that is available. So are and, as seen via the related terms.

Once you find the perfect domain name from Panabee for pay $7.49 for .com and other domains.


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