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How to Connect PlayBook to BlackBerry

How to Connect PlayBook to BlackBerry


PlayBook from RIM is a device that can work alone. But for the useing email service it need to connect to the blackberry, the device needs to be BlackBerry smartphone to function correctly.

You can see the video billow for connecting this two devices, many were just taking a guess at exactly how the connection between the two devices would work.

The PlayBook connected wirelessly up to a BlackBerry Torch and with that connection, the PlayBook is able to check email and edit what is on the BlackBerry. the data is just on loan so to speak, as when the connection is broken, the emails are removed from the PlayBook and cannot be accessed until a connection is restored.

The PlayBook is actually a fantastic tablet computer from what we have seen although, perhaps a little restricted with having to tether to perform many of the business functions on this device.

What are your thinking about ?  RIM Should cut the connection between them and let the PlayBook work as a full stand alone device?

Mostly the email part of the service and how each is synced real time. you read an email on the PlayBook and it’s marked as read on the BlackBerry.

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