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Apart Of Verizon iPhone 4

Apart Of Verizon iPhone 4


Torn apart the new Verizon variant of the iPhone 4. Verizon and AT&T devices are almost identical on the outside,changes to the antenna and a missing microSIM slot, the insides reveal a completely different story.

Apple has changed a number of items in to Iphone 4. The new motor is now linear rather than a rotating motor which makes it more quiet.

The big change with the iPhone 4 is ov Verizon the chip that handles CDMA. iFixit found that the chip used is the Qualcomm MDM6600 which is the same package used in the Droid Pro world phone.

NOw this chip can handle both CDMA and GSM although Apple only use it for CDMA on this particular build. It does open up the question on the iPhone 5 having a single phone compatible on both technologies though.

the antenna also are seen inside the device and the extra notch is used to tune the antenna correctly as the new chip requires a new sized antenna to function correctly.

And the battery has lost a bit of weight and now weighs 25.6 grams which is 1 gram lighter than the regular iPhone although capacity is still the same.

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