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Android Vs iPhone Browser Speed Test

Blaze has compiled information based around 45,000 tests on the Android and iPhone browsers to see which browse is the quickest. According to the tests it utilized the latest versions of the operating systems which means the iPhone was running iOS 4.3 and the Android device was running 2.3. Each of these operating systems were focused on speeding up the mobile browser, but a few benchmarks provided by the companies who create the software.

It’s indicate that the Android is 52% faster on average and that on 84% of the websites tested, Android outperformed iPhone. Android was also found to be faster on non-mobile optimized websites.It indicated that the latest versions of iOS and Android didn’t actually bring that much enhancement to the mobile browser.


iPhone 4 and the Nexus S is used for the testing, both of which are the latest gen models. To be fair to Apple, the iPhone 4 is several months older which would mean the same test done on new hardware might sway it back the other way in favor of iOS.

The report says that the average page load time for Android was 2.144 second and iPhone page load which was 3.254 seconds.There’s more to this study, including details on the older versions of the operating systems and how they compared to each other. The full report can be found at Blaze.

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