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A Look Inside the BlackBerry PlayBook | BlackBerry PlayBook Tradedown

iFixit managed to get hold of the tablet and take it apart to see exactly what makes it run.It’s design is excellent and certainly looks the part.iFixit were able to give the BlackBerry PlayBook a 7 out of 10 repairability score.

it’s easy to open the BlackBerry PlayBook, but what lets it down is the controls around the edges that are built in to the framework of the screen, rather than the base portion. Also, to replace the battery the motherboard and speaker assembly needs to be removed.

To see inside the PlayBook you will need a #00 Philips screwdriver and a tool to pop the back off the device.


It have a small motherboard that runs down the center between the batteries. The battery is 20 watt-hour which is smaller than the iPad 2’s 25 watt-hour battery, but the screen is also a few inches smaller which means less power is needed to run it.


It has a couple of cameras with the one on the front being 3 megapixel and the one on the back being 5 megapixel with the ability to capture video at 1080p if desired.

The full teardown along with explanations of the chips and step by step instructions can be found over at iFixit.

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