Tata Docomo has launched the tariff card for 3G services in India.

Tata Docomo has launched the tariff card for 3G services in India.

do co mo 3g

do co mo 3g

Tata Docomo has launched its first offensive against competitors in the 3G arena. Tata DOCOMO which launch its services by the end of the year has unveiled competitive and attractive pricing for its Post-paid as well as pre-paid 3G users across its nine circles in india.

It’s offer is Starting at Rs. 500 users under this monthly scheme gets 750 minutes of calls and 250 MB of data download. While in the monthly tariff package of Rs.2, 000, the subscriber would get 5,000 minutes voice calls,and data usage of up to 2GB per month. Tata Docomo has said that the pulse rate would be ‘per second’ and subscribers would be charged only for number of seconds used. Based on this the company has launched different tariff plans for both post-paid and pre-paid 3G mobile services ranging from R350 to R2,000, which include monthly minutes as well as data usage.

While 3G data services on large screens like computers and laptops, will come with a price tag of Rs.2, 000 for 15 GB of data usage at a speed of 21.1 Mbps. Usage beyond 15 GB would be free but at a speed of 256 kbps.

According to the Mr. Deepak Gulati, executive president (mobility) of Tata Tele Services ”Our dual-tone pricing strategy — small screen (mobile phone) plans and large screen (computer and laptop) plans — provide tremendous flexibility and value to our customers, enabling them to choose options best suited to their usage patterns and share of pocket, thereby stamping out any worry or concerns over heavy usage and high bills.”

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