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Turkey has lifted the two year ban it placed on Youtube website.

Turkey has lifted the two year ban it placed on Youtube website.


Turkey Government has stop the ban on youtube, Turkey Government ended the two year ban it placed on the site after it was discovered that the site featured videos deemed insulting to the country’s is a online video shairing site.

In a court on Ankara on Saturday lifted a ban on the website introduced in 2007. after an individual complained of clips disrespectful to the revered founder of the modern Turkish state, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The ban was revoked following video clips being deleted by YouTube.

YouTube on the other hand said that they didn’t remove any videos and that the videos were removed by a third party using their automated copyright complaint process.

Turkey’s parliament in 2007 passed law  that allowed a court to block any website where there was “sufficient suspicion” that a crime had occurred. Based on this law turkey till date has blocked 5000 sites that they think is insulting or harmful. but on this time they realise youtube is not harmful. Then Turkey’s parliament stop the ban.

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