Russia faces rare Internet copyright challenge

Russia faces rare Internet copyright challenge

Internet copyright challenge
Internet copyright challenge

Russia’s loose copyright protection laws.the test on Thursday when prosecutors filed charges against a social network user who put 18 of his favourite pop group’s songs online.
26-year-old V Kontakte website user faces a six-year prison sentence if convicted of violating the unnamed Russian group’s “copyright and related rights.”

The Russian police department in charge of Internet crimes said the music had been illegally downloaded more than 200,000 times.”The copyright holder suffered damages incurred from lost profits in the amount of 108,000 rubles ($3,600),” interior ministry Larisa Zhukova told NTV television.

Facebook and also popular in countries such as Belarus and Ukraine and it was previously unsuccessfully sued by a record company when the judge ruled that the website was not responsible for material posted by its users.

The country remains the largest economy outside the global free trade club and piracy stands out as one of the last issues still not resolved to the United States’ full liking.

The Russian Internet remained largely ungoverned until the interior ministry vowed to open other cases like the one launched against V Kontakte this week.

The user “has not been arrested and is probably not going to be put in jail,” the source told the Vedomosti business daily.

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