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Now Internet To Be Measured

Now Internet To Be Measured

IMRB is  launch Web Audience Measurement (WAM), to use as a yardstick to measure the use of Internet.

IMRB International, the pioneers in market research in India, IMRB is a new service known as Web Audience Measurement (WAM), that will help judge not only the usage of net across Indian cities but also help in profiling of the those who use the Internet.

It is Launch with a sample size of 21,000 Indian households, covering 90,000 individuals, will not only measure how many people access the net but also their profile by age, Gender and demographics, which regions, and whether they do this on weekdays or weekends, at office, home or elsewhere.

It is Compatible with multiple internet browsers, including all versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome, the WAM system uses metering technology which is capable of capturing a panelist’s Internet usage across multiple machines. Data reporting is managed through a tool which enables pre- and post-media planning, duplication analysis and profiling.

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