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NASA Launches Satellite:To The Study About Life’s Origins In Outer Space

NASA Launches Satellite To The Study About Life’s Origins In Outer Space


We found a news and we are glad to shair it. O/OREOS satelliten is launched by NASA to study the origins of life in the universe.It is for the study how microorganisms will react to the space environment.

The loaf sized satellite O/OREOS, or Organism/Organic Exposure to Orbital Stresses nanosatellite, It’s  weighs is 12 pound CubeSat, It was launched In U.S. Air Force four-stage Minotaur IV rocket out of Kodiak Island, Alaska.

The O/OREOS satellite will perform two experiments,

Space Environment Survivability of Live Organisms (SESLO) will help examine microorganism activity and the ability of these organisms to adapt to a harsh space environment. While the Space Environment Viability of Organics (SEVO) will watch over four classes of organic molecules as they go through changes in the vacuum of space.

It will help scientists to test the viability of using smaller and cheaper satellites while conducting experiments.

Mission manager  O/OREOSat NASA’s Ames Research Center,Mr. Bruce Yost Says that Moffett Field, Calif “We are excited to have this opportunity to demonstrate the utility of these very small spacecraft in space for NASA’s science missions.We are hoping to demonstrate NASA’s ability to build complex nanosatellites like O/OREOS that can meet the needs of scientists with big ideas and lofty goals.”

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