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Legend of Zelda NES External 1TB Hard Drive

Legend of Zelda NES External 1TB Hard Drive


Legend of Zelda NES External 1TB Hard DriveThis particular Legend of Zelda NES cartridge has been converted in to an external hard drive with a 1TB capacity.

The external drive have a USB connector allowing you to connect it to a Mac or PC. When connected you’ll be able to transfer any files over to it like you would with any other external drive.

Other capacities are also available with drives starting at 500GB, on to 750GB and finally on to the 1TB mentioned above. Each drive inside measures 2.5 inches and is made by Toshiba.

The drives are of course custom built and available over at Etsy.

on the aside of price  the 1TB model costs $180 while the smaller ones cost $150 and $130 with the latter being the smallest capacity drive.

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