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Facebook scam takes you to fake YouTube site

This particularl scam, true to form, comes in the form of a wall post advertising a video that tries to tempt your weaker, sicker side.

The link reads “This woman has a [sic] orgasm on a roller coaster! LOL,” and claims to show you the video in return for filling out a short survey.


If you’re even somewhat Internet savvy, you know that when a survey promises to show or give you something that means it’s illegitimate. What makes this particular scam somewhat more convincing is that it first takes users to a faux YouTube page.

If you take notice of the URL – which is not – it’s obvious you’re in some dangerous territory.

You’ll also be asked to verify with via a captcha on the page, something YouTube would never require. There’s code in this that will then post the original video link as a comment to you friends’ posts. Submit your text into the captcha and you’re then asked to complete one of a variety of surveys.

This scam is only minimally more sophisticated than most that hit the site, but it’s also a particularly embarrassing one to spam all your friends with.

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    It is good that it is only minimally more sophisticated than most that hit the site.


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