Differences Between CDMA and GSM iPhone Call Settings

Differences Between CDMA and GSM iPhone Call Settings


when we compar to the AT&T GSM model On Verizon,There are not many differences between the iPhone, there are a few differences in them, hear we explain it in Detail how they work.

The first difference is in that conference calls are restricted to just 3 people on the Verizon model It is quite a major difference . This number includes your self. For business users, this could kill the deal as oft times, they need to talk to multiple people.

The Verizon iPhone does not allow you to break off to private calls like the AT&T model .When you are using the Verizon model you are either conferenced to someone else, or you hang up on someone else. AT&T gives the option to separate calls and hangup on 1 person at a time.

Other differences we have included in the document below but it is not a major problem. The AT&T version allows you to use menus to switch call features on or off, while the Verizon model requires you dial a code such as *72 to switch call forwarding on or off.

This isn’t a problem in general and just a list of the differences. What you will notice in the chart is that the AT&T model can handle up to five calls while the Verizon model is limited to two calls.


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