Blackberry Allow Access Of Data To Indian Government

Blackberry  Allow Access Of Data To Indian Government



According to a Indian business newspaper Mint, a unnamed Indian ministry official has said that “(RIM).

They have in agree to provide us (India) recorded data from their servers,” . They assured Indian government of a solution after they discuss the issue first among themselves and find a way to meet the country’s demands. After which, RIM will provide live access to BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server).

RIM has faced a ban on its services in india. after the Indian Government wasrefused access to its encrypted data.

RIM expressed its inability saying it did not possess a master key nor does any back door exist in the system that would allow RIM or any third party to gain an unauthorized access to the key or corporate data.

The Indian Government provided deadlines to RIM by which it had to co-operate with security agencies. The government later extended the deadline’s based on talks with RIM officials.

The third deadline ends on January 31, 2011, if a solution that is satisfactory to the Indian government doesn’t materialize then it might face a ban in the country

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